The first time you meet your lawyer

In a 2002 study at the University of Massachusets, 60% of participants lied multiple times during a ten-minute conversation.  Most of them lied to make themselves seem more likeable and competent.

Everyone wants to seem friendly and capable during a visa application or interview.  Many people also think that they must put on this front when they meet with their attorney.

Not so.

The duty of confidentiality binds your lawyer, and it is their obligation to help you.  Your opportunity to prevent future problems with a visa interview begins with your attorney.  Charged with a misdemeanor and never sentenced because of a diversionary program?  Arrested but never charged?  Family trouble with immigration?  Tell your lawyer all of this!  They are there to help you.  They need to know everything to provide the best support necessary.  Don’t deny yourself the best chance by shutting out your lawyer.

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