The federal government’s lawsuit against California’s latest immigration policies.

This happened a few weeks ago on March 6, but I just got around to looking at the filings.  The United States filed suit against California for three bills.  The gist of each bill follows:

  • AB-450 – A private employer can’t let ICE enter his property unless ICE has a warrant, and the employer has to provide notice of an ICE inspection to employees within 72 hours of receiving an inspection notice.
  • AB-103 – The California Attorney General is instructed and empowered to investigate immigration holding facilities, the process through which people end up at the facilities, and the due process provided to the detainees.
  • SB 54 – California state and local officials cannot provide information to ICE about noncitizen prisoner release dates, and those same officials cannot transfer noncitizen detainees to ICE.

The Constitution protects states from having to enforce federal policies.  The federal government argues here that these bills cross the line and prevent both government and private actors from assisting the federal government.  You can read the argument here.  I’ll be updating as the case continues.

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