Being truthful starts before you get to America

I was in immigration court recently handling a bond hearing, and the judge almost didn’t set a bond (and set it quite high) because my client had several discrepancies in his story well before he came to America.

  • He came via South America and used a false name and nationality going through Panamanian and immigration.
  • He scaled a border wall before surrendering to police.
  • He called his potential bond sponsor both his uncle and his father’s friend, not making it clear which it was.
  • He said during his credible fear interview that he gave his passport to his uncle, and during the bond hearing, he said he gave it to his transporters.
  • He repeatedly said “I was afraid” during the transport.

All of this counted toward potentially being a flight risk in the judge’s eyes.

What is the moral of this story? Tell the truth! What ICE recommended be a $15,000 bond ended up being double, and that was after a lot of advocating on my client’s behalf. He is lucky to post bond at all.

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